Two Weeks

October 23, 2019

It has been a little over two weeks since my wife moved out and I'm doing great.

It's sad, it hurts, but I'm plowing through, moving forward and creating opportunities and abundance.

My life feels like this song: "Give me two weeks and you won't recognize her."

My plate is still fucking me like crazy but getting a little annoying.

On my recent business trip I got a lot of attention from women and had a one night stand as well as setup a date with a semi-local girl. The one-nighter said she was 'drawn' to me. This shit really works. Ten months of reading and practicing is finally coming together but I know this is just the beginning.

I also have a date setup with a hot 22 year old from an app.

I bought a bad-ass motorcycle because I always wanted one.

Meanwhile my wife has been extra cunty. Complaining she has no money. Interrogating me to see if I hooked up with people on my trip. One day saying she'll want to come back soon and the next saying file for divorce now. She wanted to come over this weekend and I did cave and let her. She fucked me like a pornstar and blew me multiple times in a night. Something like that hasn't happened in years. The question is, do I try to keep her around as a plate?

I guess the purpose of this post is to tell people breaking up and getting divorced sucks but if you're in a bad situation the future will almost always be better. Especially if you apply the principles you learn here. In two weeks you'll start forgetting about her and start living a life of abundance and excellence.

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