Was this a shit test and did I pass?

February 16, 2017

I made a thread a while back asking the question if there are any women that don't shit test. I still have not seen one from my wife, although I think I may have been looking for something more overt from her. She would never say 99% of the things that are reported here, even on her worst day.

Tonight were all getting dinner and our oldest daughter is talking about having kids when she gets older and my wife speaks up "If I had it my way I would have had 6 kids" (we have 3). I have heard this from her before but something about the way she said it must have struck a nerve and I replied with a kind of shitty laughter "Then you should have picked a better husband".

I think I failed my response because there was a small amount of butt-hurt in my reply (anger). Not enough that the kids noticed but I know my wife did. This is not a big issue but it has come up a lot in the last 3-6 months. Our kids were planned for the most part and we would have had more if we wanted too, and still could for a few more years. I don't want any more. I probably would have been fine if we didn't have any. I just got pissed about having to hear it with a tone that implied she was unhappy with what she had and it was someone else's fault that it is the way it is. My wife is 37 and I am 36. She has gained 10 lb. in the last year that I know she is upset about. She should be at 135 at the top end for her figure. I don't know if facing "the wall" is giving her a bit of a hard time, she does not want her figure to go to shit like every other woman that bitches about hormones (her words). She has started to lose a bit recently although I have not said anything.

I still think she is crazy hot and I let her know overtly in words I understand and I do it frequently. My biggest weakness admittedly is my game, and I am working on that re-reading the sidebar and other online material. And of course practice. I think next time I will just say "You still have time..." or just STFU.

How would you respond and do you think this is tied into "the wall" and if so how could I have carried myself better? I wish I could have said the same thing but funnier and ditch the anger.

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