Who do you talk to?

August 16, 2019

I like you guys. I’ve been a faggot before for posting faggot shit and even though it stingsild my retarded ego it helps, and I appreciate it, gentlemen.

Now. I had my first panic attack today. If you’ve never had one let me tell you, that shit is horrible, traumatizing. You’re convinced you’re dying from a heart attack, you have all the physical symptoms of a heart attack and you feel you’re fading away and dying right then and there.

Naturally my girlfriend (living together for 3 years) gets to know as she comes home and I’m not there, I tell her I’m on the way home from the ER, not gonna lie to her. I had a fucking panic attack. I took too much PWO, I trained extremely hard, and my brain thought my body was dying.

She gives me a lot of shit, probably rightfully so because I took more PWO than usual and I should know to stop lifting when I’m dizzy. Ok I’ll take it.

However I just want someone to fucking talk to, that shit traumatized me, I was sure I was a gonner. I’m not going to talk to my gf of my sissy feelings when she’s had a shitty day too and is tired and in a foul mood.

So who do you guys talk to about shit like that? The shit that’s probably not healthy to STFU about. Or maybe it is, what the fuck so I know.

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