Let me preface this question by saying: It's been a very long time since I read the sidebar or actively engaged in red pill reading, OYS, or even practice of red pill habits. I have been distracted with setting up a productivity system and moping about my financial health and one of the pivotal decisions of my life.

All that said, I have this very basic question that I need all your red pill perspective on -

Background -

  1. Wife's cousin sisters are here at my place with their kids
  2. I'm moving to a different country in a couple of months with the wife and kid

Today in the morning I told my wife to wear something sexy underneath, and I told her we're smashing before her sisters leave. She protested. I negotiated desire. I went overt with the ask. It's outright wrong, I know, but I'm so out of red pill thought that I just did it anyway.

She's been giving me coy looks all through the day after having worn the stuff.

Then we go out to the park with the sisters and their kids, and ours, and I see her very openly eyeing some other dad in the park who's there with his kid. Now, I felt a very basic disgusted urge when I saw this, and I decided to bail. I wanted to withdraw attention and I didn't wanna act butthurt with her. So I told her I'm going back home, and she can come back with her sisters.

She asked me "what happened? Are you upset?" all of this without me having spoken a word about what'd transpired, which goes to show either an admission of guilt or my inability to hide my feelings. Whatever.

So right now, I'm feeling indignant, and I feel like diving all the way into red pill action and getting what I want.

But I also know that when she comes back home, she's gonna want to make up for what happened, and her hesitation is gonna turn into willing sexual initiation.

My question to you guys is -- should I go through with the sexual act? I don't feel like it. I want to wall myself off and work. I don't feel like looking at her face. Is it the right thing to do to punish her by withdrawing attention? Or should I let her make it up to me?