wife has the hots for another man: update

May 16, 2018

I wanted to provide an update on my situation for any redditors out there who may be interested in my particular situation. I posted my original post on both r/askmrp and r/asktrp. Both threads provided insightful comments, interspersed with healthy doses of “faggot!” The opinions of r/askmrp can be found (here)[ https://www.reddit.com/r/askMRP/comments/8h965f/wife_is_overwhelmingly_attracted_to_another_man/] and for those interested in the r/asktrp version of events and their opinions the thread can be found (here)[ https://www.reddit.com/r/asktrp/comments/8h93q0/wife_is_overwhelmingly_attracted_to_another_man/].

If you’re not interested in reading the posts but are still interested in an update the Reader’s Digest version is that my wife is head over heels in lust with my neighbour. Not only is she wild about him but she thought it appropriate to announce her infatuation and horniness for him in front of our mutual friends to my shame, humiliation and embarrassment.

After carefully searching my own conscience and considering the advice received from the Red Pill Community I moved out of my house. I started in a hotel room for a few nights before a friend invited me to live in a vacant apartment he owns for a nominal fee while I get this separation under control. The standard advice is to never leave the family home, however, my lawyer saw no harm in it and agreed with my assessment that my wife was attempting to initiate a physical confrontation with me. After ghosting her for two days I returned to MY house and told her that I had moved out, that I had hired a lawyer and that I intended to divorce her ass. Her first words: “what about the house?” AWALT. At that moment it became clear to me that her intention for years has been to pile on the disrespect to get me to the point where I simply walked away. In that sense, she succeeded. I will win the long game. In all of this the stress has been immense. Having a healthy body and mind has been helpful so far. My lifts have suffered as a result of living in a hotel and the nutritional limitations of a nomadic lifestyle. That’s fixed now thanks to the apartment. Having a robust social schedule and friends on whom I can rely has been a Godsend.

After eleven years of constant disrespect, constant moodiness, irritability, emotional cruelty and plain intolerable selfishness she finally pushed me to kill the puppy. My only regret is the pain that this separation has caused our children. For me that are the only thing in this whole sordid affair that I will never turn my back on. “Them only, them always” has become my mantra.

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