Wife just Asked For A Divorce - My MRP Path

March 14, 2017

First of all, I am very happy its come to this, and without MRP I would have handled this very differently.

Some time ago my wife fell out of love with me and sex stopped. Not only that but I felt constantly walked over and disrespected. As many of you did, I looked inward and built my life by lifting, reading, and going through the stages of dread (I was at the fuck-me-or-fuck-you stage - she chose fuck you).

I originally went into MRP with a hope it would fix my marriage, but instead it fixed me. I stayed on top of my game, fitness, job, and social life and developed abundance mentality. It allowed me to view my relationship from a different prospective and I saw I wasnt getting any value out of it, and there were plenty of others that could give me what I needed.

Some truths I experienced during my journey:

  • Always watch actions - not words. She told me she loved me, but none of her actions showed me that. Turns out is was not true.

  • There is a real difference between forced dread, and natural dread

  • MRP will build you to the point where you can easily get laid, just maybe not with your wife.

  • (Going through breakups before) Women seem to throw waterworks during the initial breakup, and then its shuts off like a switch and then they DGAF. Having true abundance mentality helps shake that cold heartedness.

  • The more I committed to her, the less I ended up getting back in the relationship.

  • When the sex dries out, prepare to leave because that is what she is doing emotionally.

  • Lifting is the foundation of rebuilding your life.

  • For hard headed people with confidence issues, it may take cheating on your wife to take her off the pedestal and to develop abundance mentality.

Anyways, I suppose since I am getting divorced I will move over to TRP. Keep fighting the good fight. I am frustrated about having to untangle the living situation, but I am excited for my future.

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