Wife Moving Out: An Update

September 30, 2019

In case you have not read my initial post, it is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/askMRP/comments/cwaqdh/wife_moving_out/

It's been about a month since my wife told me she's moving out. She now has half the house packed up, a lease almost signed, services ordered, and furniture ordered. This past weekend she had her two daughters pack up their rooms. The apartment she picked out is nice, but is over 50% of her take-come income so she'll be broke.

She said she planned to sign the one year lease today and moving out next weekend.

Her thought is that "one year is short" and we can "work on things" while she "takes space." She says she needs the space to work out her own priorities, her wounds and habits, her sexual desires, her frustrations with me, blended family issues, social issues, and other family issues. She also wants to see if we actually miss each other and want to spent time together.

In the last moth I consulted several divorce attorneys, separated our finances, took steps to protect my assets, and also went to individual counseling. The therapist says she almost certainly has borderline personality disorder.

I've been focusing on outcome independence and making the stay plan the same as the go plan.

I also picked up a side plate that is fun but definitely not a replacement for my wife.

Last night I mentioned that if she moves out we are 100% done.

This morning she's freaking out and saying she'll stay because I'm forcing her too. She said " You've created that requirement. You set the boundaries and you said that's how it is for you. You will not work on things without me in the house. That doesn't leave me a choice ."

Right now I'm a bit lost. Do I let her go?

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