Wife Moving Out

August 27, 2019

35M Married to a 37F single mother w/ two kids from her ex-husband. We've been married 6 years.

I'm 165 lbs, lift, sidebar, own a home, and a successful company. I've been reading here since January.

Last weekend we were suppose to go to a wedding together. A couple hours before we were to leave she says she's not going and drops the bomb that she's moving out within the next month. I stay calm and say I'm sorry to hear that. She's been saying she's not in love with me and she's unhappy for the last 2 or 3 years. I tell her I'm still going to the wedding because it is my friend and I RSVPd.

I changed my facebook status from married to nothing.

I get to the wedding and she's texting me like mad. Begging me not to hook up with anyone until she leaves. Begging me to come home. Freaking the F out. Telling me she loves me. In all she sent me about 90 messages. I DARED or ignored all of them.

Fast forward a week and she's saying my responses were narcissistic and emotionally abusive and she's still moving out.

She bought boxes and started looking at apartments.

I've been strong but I'm just not sure what to do right now. Need some support brothers!

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