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Wife prohibiting me from DJing in bar of my choice

July 29, 2019

Long time lurker, first time poster. I first heard of the original red pill subreddit about 5 years ago. I love all the free content and I'm still going through the sidebar right now, my lifestyle and work schedule allows very little free time to read the sidebar books although I'm committed to finishing them. So as far as I'm concerned I'm not sidebar graduated but I understand the importance of the basics like lifting, STFUing, etc. Please roast me

I'm a DJ for only about a year trying to transition from private clientele to instead a consistent venue/bar. I have two new bars lined up, one every Wednesday and the other every Saturday. She walked into my Saturday bar with me as I was contacting the owner to solicit my business. It's a Latino sports bar and the waiters were all in booty shorts. So my possessive wife prohibited me from going back into that bar saying that I didn't need to surround myself with women like that. I didn't even notice they were in booty shorts. She hasn't seen my Wednesday Latino dance club bar and is unaware that they bring models on the weekends to dance on the stripper poles. She's making plans to bring all of her friends this Wednesday for my first gig at the dance club but refuses to even go to my Saturday sports bar which is a lot less provacative in my opinion on the grounds that I don't listen to what she says to me. She's cried in the past explaining that the reason she's so possessive about where I play is because she doesn't wants sluts coming on to me while im spinning (vinyl, not plates) and she doesn't want to leave me because of something like that.

So now I've committed with the Saturday sports bar for this Saturday after she told me not to. And I later told her about it when she was in a better mood to which she emotionally lashed at me. I said I want to make my own choices without her prohibiting how or where I play. She said I can choose to go but that I can't choose the consequences and that she won't go no matter what. This conversation took place by text and I cut the conversation saying that we should calmly talk about it in person.

I'm at a loss about how I should approach this in-person conversation and I'm open to feedback and suggestions for my situation. I kind of feel like this whole thing is just one big giant shit test and she's going to stand her ground no matter how unreasonable she realizes she is because I "never listen to her"

Thank you in advance

UPDATE : Told her I was going, made herself cry, saw that I didn't care, told me next time she did something I didn't like I wasnt allowed to complain, saw that I didn't care/didn't respond, and then snuggled up to me. I almost can't believe it was that easy. Thanks for helping me realize there is such a thing as a stupid question

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