Wife rarely shit tests me... or am I missing it?

November 2, 2016

I find it really easy to recognize shit tests both in members accounts here and from women other than my wife. I will say I'm here mostly to fill out the holes in my game, not so much turn the ship around. Wife is pretty great. Its probably been two weeks since I had to slap her hand (jokingly) after a shit test.

It comes up on here so often I started wondering if I was missing something. Common theme is AWALT. Maybe she is just much more subtle? I think back and I've never tolerated much of that, if at all. Most would have been when shes been pregnant and around those years (we have 3 kids 10-15, were both 36).

Anyone have a girl that fitness tests on the sly? Or is is possible over enough time to break them of (for the most part) of that habit? We've been together almost 18 years.

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Title Wife rarely shit tests me... or am I missing it?
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