Tips for Utilizing Passive Dread, Isn't It Toothless?

November 20, 2019

A few days ago, my wife had the opportunity to meet one of my female co-workers. She discovered she is (not only highly successful but also) young, cute and a little wild. Definitely a "threat" -- my wife feels more dread from girls that give off more of a partier vibe for sure. I noticed yesterday, when conversing with my wife that she was double-checking my stories from work in relation to this girl. She's working to hide it, but definitely a strong undercurrent of dread.

So my first question is--how does one approach these situations in a way that optimizes dread while also emphasizing your own moral character?

  • I could downplay or avoid discussing any interactions I have with this woman, or I could build them up more by finding excuses to bring them up.
  • I could subtly emphasize ways she is unattractive, or I could emphasize ways she is attractive
  • I could actively avoid interactions with her, or I could actively seek them out

Ideally it would be best to treat interactions with attractive women in the same manner as all my other interactions, bringing them up in conversation in the same manner as any other platonic interaction -- but then I wouldn't be making a post about this would I.

Should knowing my wife may "react" negatively to discussion of a girl who is a "threat" cause me to avoid that person in conversation? It certainly has in the past.

Finally, am I misunderstanding dread to think that it's due to the unspoken threat of infidelity? (Some girl is gonna take my man if I don't treat him right)... Because if I'm a man who would never cheat, does it really matter if I'm a man who could?

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