Title says it all.

My sister is way into the LGBTQ community because tumblr and validation, even though she's dating a man (a boy she met in a psych ward) but still wants to have an "alternative" identity that she can use as a crutch for why she's " so stressed out" and doesn't have a job.

First she's a lesbian, then she's depressed, then she has BPD, then she's straight but still has mental illness and needs a "recovery period" to get over her issues which includes shitloads of therapy and other such bullshit, which is why she isn't doing anything with her life. I'm tired of this.

Call me intolerant. I don't care. I know via science and the wisdom of non-idiots that there are only two genders - male and female, and that everything in between is a mental illness.

Usually idgaf about people's identity issues but since it's my sister I feel inclined to attempt to talk her off the ledge. Her circle of friends only validates these delusions so I'm clearly overpowered here.

What do I do, as her older brother? Do I just let her fall deeper into the well? I really don't think I have much sway here with her - she seems to have made up her mind.

Bonus from google: Even fucking Google defines gender as a social construct