I got into a relationship with a girl my age and I willingly had unprotected sex with her. I don't love her or like her that much and was more or less just staying with her because I was too much of a pussy to leave and go through the trouble of finding something else. I still don't know why the fuck I risked so much and for what. But I did. Anyway, 5 months after we started seeing each other we figured out she was pregnant. she's 1 month in now and dead set on keeping the kid. I recently had the courage to break up with her because that's what I always wanted. She's now threatening me with anything she can think of, she's messaging my friends and family etc.

Anyway I realize the direct consequences (financial, legal, emotional) are fairly obvious and nothing I can escape from now. So on a deeper level I'm just looking for advice on how to move forward as a man and continue growing through these fucked up times. I was hoping to have a specific question at the end of this but I'm struggling to. If you can offer any advice concerning my situation I would be grateful.