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22 Years old and am graduating in the Spring. Tips from some of you older redpilled dudes.

February 15, 2017

So here's the deal. I'm graduating from a public university in PA with a degree in Business Management. I'll be honest my GPA is terrible I'm literally a 2.0 student (I really did the bare minimum). I didn't find school interesting or challenging just boring and useless (I know it probably will come to haunt me later in life).

Now with that out of the way. I have a pretty good job prospect in Sales. It would be in Industrial supply which is where I've been interning for 7 months now. Starting salary of 30k+ and commissions average around 5-8k.

I currently live in the country and find that women are generally attractive but the quantity is small. I wouldn't mind moving to a major city and hit the ground running.

Questions for you:

If you were in my situation would you stay in the country where cost of living is cheap. Live with my parents and bank $1k+ a month easy?

Should I say fuck it and work for the same company but move to a major market? I would then need to rent and there goes my 1k a month that I could save.

Any advice for someone starting his career and life after college!

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If I were in your shoes, and you have savings I would go to another place and live a different life for a while. It will give you perspective and you will figure out what type of life you want. If you are low on cash, work the job in the country for a few months to build savings and your resume and while looking for other jobs.

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That's pretty good advice. I've actually moved a lot in my youth so I've lived in suburbs of chicago, philadelphia, central pennsylvania, and the Poconos. I much prefer living in a city.

Now I don't have much debt I am looking at maybe 10k total in student loans. I guess my question is growing a 401k and savings account super important at 22?

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First thing to do is get 3 months of living in an emergency fund.

Also realize your first job will generally suck even if it is higher paying. So get some experience and always be talking with friends and on the lookout for a better job.

Like 90 percent of my friends with actual good jobs got it because they were referred.

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Start as soon as you can especially maxing your Roth IRA and maximize your company's retirement match, but if you start by 25-30 you will be fine. Have fun for a while spread your wings brother. Look west it's a big wide world out here.

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Look for jobs in a big city. You can do better than sub 40k out of college easily.

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