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29 semi virgin. Lost and frustrated

March 17, 2018

Been on TRP for 3 years after a oneitis. Know all the theory to death. Saw an escort a couple times after that.

Moved to new city a year ago (I have SMV here). Got a half decent job. Made a couple friends. Started taking lifting seriously. Hit a long standing lifting PR goal last night, was pretty proud of myself. Diet, exercise, vitamins, on point. Got/restarted a few hobbies.

Mindset regarding women is dead though.

Don't know how to tackle it. Rereading the power of now which is helping me drop anxiety but not changing my mindset regarding women.

Pretty fucking frustrated now. I don't know what I'm supposed to anymore.

I don't see the point in approaching a woman or why one would have interest in me. Not sure where I'm supposed to meet them. How do I build this belief realistically? This is the last and biggest step I've been stuck at since even before TRP.

Would appreciate any advice.

Edit: most valuable experience I've had is regular flirting with my postwall hb4 boss since starting my job. Genuinely attracted to her and feel incredible when talking to her.

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