Seriously. No joke!

More than half the posts I see on here are dudes begging for help to get over their oneitits. Or questions that don't even need to be asked like, "Wahh, my girlfriend cheated, should I leave her? But wahhh, I love her, even though my cock isn't good enough!"

Or the other easily addressed questions about 'how to be more manly' or advice because whatever excuse you have is stopping you from lifting. Stop giving a fuck what people think, better yourself for you, get over anxiety with girls by, here's a kicker, actually talking to them. Get to the gym, no excuses. If you have a legitimate concern for lifting, ask your goddamn doctor. We probably don't have an answer for you.

Girl giving you shit? Next. Friends putting you down? Next. Girlfriend is a super special unicorn shaped snowflake? No, she isn't, next. Seriously. Come on guys. Read the sidebar. I can't take seeing this pathetic whiny shit being posted 100 times every day.