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Adding friends on facebook

December 5, 2018

Short stupid question that i keep thinking about. When i meet some girl from my social circle and there is some sexual tension, she won't add me on facebook but will appear at the top of my suggested friends (she's looking at my profile). I never usually add anyone on facebook (and it's usually only dudes).

If i fail to do anything during the window of opportunity and she loses interest or finds a new interest, she then adds me on facebook. But if there is still opportunity, she doesn't add me. (Platonic women with enough mututal interest always add me).

This has been a pattern i've noticed for over 6-7 years now.

My question is why. Is it a test to see if i cave and add her? Is it also a way for her to maintain her own level of mystery about me (and vice versa)? Anyone else have this experience? My facebook is pretty dead so i always imagine it's quite a drop when they finally add me to find there's nothing there.

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