Too make a long story short. My friend just passed last night he was closer to me then my brother. He was also a single father who was estranged from his family. Baby mama is an addict so its either I file the paperwork and take over or this kid becomes a trainwreck. I just turned 24 and im not really at the age where I want kids nor do I really ever want them. But I have a great job that pays very well and all the things youd need to provide for someone. I guess the thing that gets me thinking is what would my buddy think if I took the selfish route? I believe in an afterlife and I just imagine him waiting for me at the gates with a sigh of disappointment on his face if I take the "its not my problem" route. Im pretty dead set on adopting but id like some peoples opinions before I do. I dont want this kid turning into an addicts welfare check with me hed have a future.