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Advice on effort/reward ratio

September 4, 2016

I'm 6"0 and pretty ripped, average face and (very) pale skin, probably a 6.5-7/10 in total. Since taking TRP a year ago I've set my career on a great path and will be earning top 10% in about 5 years. Currently I'm in the 30% for earning. I'm 26, my game is alright. Not great but certainly improving.

My question is, is this shit worth it? I'm not getting nearly the girls I want, although this will improve as I enter late 20s and 30s. But shit this is all a lot of work. My primary goal is my career mission, don't get me wrong. I can get there without lifting, practising game and facing almost perpetual rejection though...I want to know if anyone has been in a similar position where the hard work payed off after 4-6 years? Because it certainly isn't worth it at the moment.

Edit: I know I shouldn't let women define or affect me, but the reality is that a significant portion of my effort is to attract hotties. Wondering if I should care less about self improvement and spend more time having fun/travelling.

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No, it isn't worth all the work that TRP implies. It's entirely up to you how invested you get. I can't see myself spinning more than a couple plates at best because of the time investment, you should be focused on your empire before a woman, since the empire will attract higher class women and build a foundation for a successful family.

[–]onmyownpath2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

Here is what you are missing: The things we must do to attract women are the very things that will make you successful in the other areas of life.

I can tell you that we have evolved such that the attributes which attract women are based on the work it takes to succeed.

For example, fitness. Mankind has not always had it so easy. A physically fit man got that way because of hard-ass work. Today we just do that work in the gym. Our bodies evolved to adjust strength and size based on the amount of work being done.

Work relates to power and ability to provide and protect.

Women have evolved to chose men who can best provide and protect.

The activities which make you attractive to females are also the activities which will give you career success.

Gaining attraction from women should not be seen as the cause of the these activities, but rather the result.

If you work hard and stay fit and dress well and take care of your things then you will be able to succeed in your career also. If you stop these activities your career will stagnate.

The caliber and amount of women who are interested in you is a direct reflection of your personal success in the other areas of life.

Your relatively small number of interested women is directly related to your current career progress. Keep doing the activities at better and better levels and watch your career take off. Watch how women change the way they act. Career success and female attraction are both the result of the same kinds of work.

Is it worth it? Really that's a question?

Fuck yes it is worth it. Being the man is much more than how many women you fuck.

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[–]soccerbum3121 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Ask yourself how much work is "worth it" to improve yourself? Bitches and money are side effects of a happy, stable and motivated man

[–]postreformedpua0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Earn money for you. Learn game to get laid.

[–]dongpal0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

do you have a different plan ? if not then yes. your plan seems to be the best one, now you want to have a motivation to get through all that hard work.

[–]Louisie_steezy0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy Link

Damn if being 6'0 and being ripped only makes you a 7, then what does being 5'8, buff but not shredded, and black make me lol

[–]bowie747[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

I take points off for being pale redhead :/ And my face is a bit puffy too, not chiseled. Considering plastic surgery when I'm rich. Not because I need it, but because I can.

Brown hair and tan skin might land me as a 7.5-8.

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