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Am I getting black Pilled/NEET at such a young age?

June 25, 2020

So, I was browsing through the internet and I saw a girl my age(18). Well, she was like HB9 or even HB10, extremely rich(her dad owns it all obviously, but to a middle class guy like me, I was shocked), beautiful blah blah blah.

And the first thing that came to my mind was, "She will always be out of my league."

Now I believe that hardwork always pays off. I am also understand that you should not compare yourself to others or women and not think that the goal of your life is chasing women.

But I have sort of become a NEET for the last 8 months, I had been heavily involved in my country's politics, planning to become President/Prime Minister.

Then I discovered TRP a few weeks ago and I let go of my political identity, deciding to leave politics forever.

Ever since then, I don't study(well, I didn't study during my political phase either), I have kind of become a coomer, I jerk off twice a day, sometimes thrice and have gone back to watching porn, I spend hours on the phone mainly looking for NSFW content, spend time on computer playing Counter Strike WITH BOTS because it isn't connected to the WiFi(very old PC), sleep at 4 am and wake up at 12 p..

Before TRP, I was able to hold my urges and not watch porn at all for 5-8 days.

And then seeing this "out of my league" girl today kind of triggered all this into me. Thinking that "there's always a bigger fish", a guy who will be better than me in terms of SMV no matter how hard I try and he will be the one who takes her home.

Very depressing.

Please tell how do I get out of this NEET/black pilled phase and start working hard so that I get into a good college(which is a huge boost in SMV in my country)?

I know discipline is the key but I have lost the discipline/motivation to develop discipline.

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