Am I giving too little fucks

February 28, 2020

So I've been spinning a plate and I used to be very insecure and give a whole lotta fucks about what people think. Currently I don't care so much anymore about what girls think or say about me. I don't invest my emotions as much anymore in what people think I guess.

Now I've noticed that quite often with a plate of mine I just don't care about stuff she talks about to a point where I can't really take her seriously anymore. I nag a lot and even start being quite sarcastic. At some moments she complains and I get bored/annoyed by the fact that she complains about that shit that's why I become sarcastic I guess.

Now I'm not really used to feeling like this, but is this normal result of IDGAF mentality? Or am I doing it too much and should I care a bit.

Would like to hear your opinions

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Title Am I giving too little fucks
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