Am I the only one who finds the whole WMAF thing pathetic lol

May 6, 2019

The guys who harp on abt how Asian women are so much better than white women make me lol. They're really just hamstering

Asian women are just as bad as white women. They are just a different kind of poison. The biggest problem with azn women is they are literally all robots who just 100% buy in to the bullshit azn culture espouses, i.e. they are completely driven by status and spend literally every waking second of their lives trying to one up their peers in their social circles. Like let's say an azn girl's friends all have successful azn boyfriends that when to Yale, she will then have to go get herself a successful WHITE bf that went to Harvard to one up all of them - that is literally the mind of an Asian female 24/7 lol

The most hilarious thing of all is the white guys these azn girls date. These guys are all soyboys who don't get one shrewd of attention from white women, but azn women drool all over them. If azn women are going gaga for the scraps white women feed their dogs, what does that tell you about azn women lol. The point is if azn women are your only sexual option you are a certified loser. Just hilarious to me some guys have convinced themselves it means they're winning the game.

Ps. I am not an Asian male

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Title Am I the only one who finds the whole WMAF thing pathetic lol
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