Let me start with a small introduction since it is my first time posting anything TRP related. I'm 24, live in a major city in central Europe and currently working as a gardener and studying in the same field.

I have been in 4 LTRs so far, 3 of them lasted circa 2.5 years. All of my previous relationships, not counting current one, which is still going, ended because of me. The reason behind it is the fact that I get burned in terms of sexual desire. Spending most of my free time with the same girl eventually drives me to the point where I am not interested in her sexually at all. This leads to SO being mad at me and all kind of other problems (of course) and me wanting to dump her, which I do.

My current LTR is about to end in the same way but it is a slow process because of ties with friends and family and strong emotional attachment on her side.

I do not intend on spending my life in a LTR. I generally don't like the idea of monogamy and TRP has made me even more reluctant to it. I wish I had discovered TRP before all my relationships.

I just want to know whether sexual desire fading away is normal or the problem is in me.