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Any formerly fat redpillers lose 100 lbs or more during their redpill journey?

June 29, 2016

If you have, could you please share your experience, and be as specific as possible? I'm not so concerned about how you lost the weight- there's a lot of resources out there for that. I want to know about the psychological and social changes you experienced and observed.

How did it change the way other men treated you? Women? Sex life? Frame? Any interesting experiences or tidbits of wisdom? What did you do about loose skin (if any)?

I am very curious as to how the transformation was experienced by a redpill-aware man. Be honest and open! And thanks for sharing.

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Title Any formerly fat redpillers lose 100 lbs or more during their redpill journey?
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[permanently deleted]

[–]randarrow9 points10 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

I second the picture thing. I have no good pictures from my peak, wish I did.

[–]2chazthundergut8 points9 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

Wow. See, this is why I ask; I didn't expect this type of response. I think fat people like myself tend to take all the negative shit in their life and just pin it on being fat. Like, it's a useful scapegoat for why my career and relationships and perspective are not where I want them to be. I have this sort of viewpoint where I assume that once I lose all my weight, life will just fall into place. Your post is a sobering reminder that this is not the case- not a magic fix, as you say.

Luckily for me, I've already passed through most of my depression and anxiety. I spent several years treading water, doing nothing with my life and terrified of taking even the smallest steps towards improving my situation, always putting everything off till I "lose the weight." Luckily, I started to turn things around, slowly but surely. Decided not to wait to lose weight before moving forward in my life. I've already gotten back to school and taken steps in my career. But socially, and with women especially, I am really not where I want to be. TRP has made me more relaxed and confident, as did getting laid and finally losing my virginity. But I still have a long way to go, and I find myself rejecting myself before I even get a chance. I've always hoped that this would stop if I could just get myself down to a reasonable weight.

So, for you, all in all, the weight loss alone was not enough to significantly change things? Just a couple thumbs up from women in passing?

[–]peelen0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy Link

I ran in the rain, I ran in the cold. I ran in the middle of the fucking summer heat.

yeah. I have no problem with rain. I have no problem at all with cold I even like it (even like -15°C), but Summer heat? Gosh. Fortunately I found route that is in shadows, and in early mornings it's not so bad, so the problem can be solved, but running in heat is hell.

[–]allicando9 points10 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

I've lost about 115 pounds. I started losing weight before finding the red pill. I did it over a course of years. I would go in spurts and then kinda stabilize for a while until doing it again. That wasn't really an intentional weight loss strategy, just mainly a function of the way my life worked.

To answer your questions: Men give me more respect now. I respect myself more and feel differently about myself. I'm much more disciplined, though that's due I'm sure to a combo of the red pill and the weight loss. I've also upped my grooming game and fashion game, which has led to increased respect and attention from women and men. I'm just to the point now where the clothes I buy actually fit me and my concern is now flattering clothing instead of just finding a 2XL T-shirt that would cover my flab. I used to dress horribly. I'm still in the same social circles at work, church, neighborhood, etc. - and I feel like my first impression of being such a fat slob still have kept people from treating me the same way they would if they had first met me, but I wouldn't really expect anything differently since my first impression was what it was.

As far as women, I used to basically get 0 IOI's. Now I guess I'm getting a few. I've never been one to really be good at detecting that and honestly I think many people on here think they're getting IOI's when they're not.

People tend to be nicer to me. I feel more outgoing and confident. I was never really shy but it seems like people in public who don't know me respond much more positively. I just feel like people treat me as a man worthy of respect instead of a creep or the fat, overcompensating clown.

My sex life is much better. That and other red pill teachings have helped a ton there. I feel like my wife also gives me much less BS over all. She supports me and my mission and doesn't nag or complain nearly as much as she used to. I believe that she's proud to call me her husband now and proud to show me off, so that helps her attitude a lot.

As far as loose skin, I'm super lucky. I never had man boobs so my chest skin is like I never was fat. I have a little loose skin on my thighs and rear end, but it doesn't look wrinkly - it's just kinda droopy. The thighs aren't bad at all. You'd never really notice. I could wear a speedo and look fine in it. It's only under closer examination you'd see there's some issues. But I can squat and increase my leg muscles so I don't care. My rear I can increase the muscles there, so I don't care - plus no one hardly ever looks at my naked butt. Normally when I'm naked with my wife, she's pretty much concentrating on the fun part on the other side. I have a little loose skin on my triceps. Not noticeable unless I put my arm out and shake it or pull the skin to show the stretch. But I could wear a tank top no problem. That also doesn't worry me because I can build muscle there. The main area of loose skin is my lower abs. For losing over 100 lbs I'm really lucky that it doesn't look horrid. But with my shirt off I definitely have some noticeable wrinkling down there. The awesome thing is that I can kinda put my swim suit on in such a way to slightly pull the skin down, and then you can't tell. If I bend over to do like a plank or something, it droops down considerably. But oh well. It's certainly not enough to warrant surgery - and hey, I lost over 100 lbs.

Here are some other interesting things that have changed: - I feel differently when eating around others. When I eat a lot, I feel like people are thinking it's just feeding my muscles. I'm relatively lean and fit. If I were to be fat and eat it, I feel like people would think I'm disgusting. I also feel differently if I were to relax and lie around or for some reason avoid physical activity. People know I'm fit and not just avoiding it because I can't handle it. - I now have a surprising disgust towards fat people. On one hand, I'm totally sympathetic. On another, it's disgusting. - Clothes shopping is a much more serious business. I can actually buy stuff that flatters me, so I'll try on a ton of stuff rather than just pick out something and go. It's really hard to find stuff that fits me well too. Levi's 541s are awesome. - There were plenty of times that I looked in the mirror as I lost weight and I still wasn't happy with where I was at. (Still not 100% happy). But I just had this overwhelming confidence that I would get there. I had made so many changes and had gone through so much. I was a different person in so many ways. I would look at myself and tell myself "You'll get there" and that confidence has spread to other areas of my life as well.

[–]TRPTheRedLion3 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Back years ago, I lost 50 pounds and did mostly cardio. At the end of it, I ended up skinny, but nothing changed in a way except people telling me, hey you lost a lot of weight.

Fast forward to today five years later after going through a divorce and losing my job and gaining those 50 pounds back plus 50 more. So, far, I have lost 50 pounds, but many have said I look like I've lost more. In the last six months, I've went from size 40 pants to size 36 pants. I've went from a 2XL Tshirt to Large. I'm still not where I'm at and have more to go, but I can definitely see where I'm going is the place I want to see. I'm getting compliments now on dang look at your shoulders. And, wow, you're a stocky guy. I'm losing fat but building some muscle through a high protein diet and doing Stronglifts 5x5.

I second taking pictures. The fact is, my confidence has soared because of pictures. People had told me, hey I can see your face getting thinner and looks like you're losing weight. I said yeah thanks, but felt no different. Then a month ago, I was out hiking on a trail and I asked these women to take a full body pic of me. I got to my car, looked at it and said Holy Shit. I could tell then. I have a pic of me I look at now and then where I put a full body pic of me side by side with that new one. The first guy looks like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, the second guy looks like a dude transforming into a beast. After that pic, I now walk with swag. I don't walk into a grocery store with my head held down. I now walk in looking like I own the place. I don't look away from women. I now hold their gaze and give a smirk. I'm still not approaching women regularly... Yet... Part is because I still am not confident I'm where I need to be and part is because I still am working on myself and I'll cross that road when I come to it because I'm more focused on me right now than bitches. But I have had some results.

The results I've seen so far after losing 50 pounds has been this. I put up some online dating profiles just a couple of weeks ago. Now, I am 41 years old, so keep this in perspective. I am also not saying this is who I am planning on dating, I'm just saying this is who I got results from. But, late 30 year old women and women in their 40's started viewing my profile and messaging me. In the first four hours, I had 50 women view my profile. A year ago, and 50 pounds heavier I would have been good if I'd gotten 5. I ended up getting four dates over one weekend, two in one day. The women still aren't at the level I want, but they are a bit better. When I was vastly overweight, I'd get HB 4's or lower. Most of these were around 5 or 6's. I now have random women friend requesting me on Facebook and telling me I'm cute. I had a woman who told me during a date a year and a half ago there was no chemistry and friend zoned messaging me flirting and giving me shit tests.

But, I'm not bragging. I still have more to go to get what I want. These are not the women I want. They are fun for now, but I can and will do better. Being Red Pill, I know this and it keeps me focused. Being Red Pill, I also know my results right now are just putting me into one bracket. I'm at the dad bod stage right now and the results are showing that. I'm not at the fuck toy stage for women. They still just see me as a guy they hope they can LTR. I am still not getting many results from women under 30. I know it's going to take more work to start seeing results on both those fronts. I still have a lot to work on, but I know now the guy right now is going to be a completely different guy this time next year. Not only with women. That's just part of it. But, in life.

[–]trpthroway1233 points4 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Lost ~120lbs (285-165), gained back about 30lbs of muscle. I'm 6 feet tall. It's taken about 8 years total (5 years to lose, 3 years to build). I set goals, hit them, reward myself, and move onto the next. It's happened in stages, 20-40lbs of loss at a time.

The changes were amazing. I regret ever letting myself get big, as I was fat through highschool and college and missed out on a ton of opportunities.

Thanks to the timespan, minimal loose skin, and the stretchmarks are largely going away. Stomach will never be tight, but I can deal with it.

The changes are fucking incredible, in every way. My confidence shot up just from liking the body I was in. Compliments from people who knew me and saw the progress were great. But, most importantly, random people complimenting me, not on progress, but where I was at that moment. I finally reached a point where I was attractive enough people would feel the need to compliment me.

Men treat me with more respect. They see me differently. It's hard to explain, but it's all positive, and has led to my social life improving and a lot of opportunities opening. It's mostly my confidence, my aura, not my body, but I needed my body to improve in order to obtain that.

Sex life improved massively. Much more fun when you're confident with your body. Much more fun when you can do any position and don't get winded. Much more fun when you're landing hotter girls. Tons of fun to approach girls I couldn't get back then and land them now.

No one mentions this, but your dick gets bigger when you lose weight. Well, at least, it looks bigger without all that fat padding around your hips.

If I was to pass down any wisdom: The diet I had the best results with was keto (low/no carbs, high fat/protein). Low fat, low calorie, and other fads just didn't work as well or crippled my ability to workout or recover. High-intensity interval training is the best way to burn fat and build cardio, giving a great platform for further training. Start strength training about halfway through your weight loss goal. I made the mistake of sticking with cardio/hiit/plyo/calisthenics almost the entire time and lost a lot of muscle/strength that has taken a long time to rebuild.

[–]TRP VanguardHumanSockPuppet4 points5 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

I've lost about 60 pounds over the last couple of years, and I have seen dramatic changes - but only when combined with a Red Pill perspective.

Before my weightloss, I was already an arrogant bastard with a strong frame. I was usually the most confident and uninhibited person in the room. However, because I was fat and unattractive, I had a larger "initial hurdle" to overcome before complete strangers or new acquaintances were receptive to my friendly overtures. It would take longer for people to smile and engage when I would tease them as an invitation for banter.

After my weightloss, however, people would engage almost immediately. They wanted to be seen interacting with the outgoing stud. In some cases, they would even engage with me first:

  • Men would test my frame more often (usually jokingly) as a precursor to friendship.
  • Men would be more eager to ingratiate themselves with me and earn my laughter or approval.
  • Women were already receptive to my advanves because I was confident, however there was a ceiling to the quality of women who would respond positively. When I lost weight, the types of women who responded positively to my openers increased as my value did.
  • Both men and women would "steer around" me as I walked straight down the street.

These are the major differences, but there are others, many of them much more subtle. Feel free to ask questions.

[–]rfl52 2 points2 points [recovered] | Copy Link

Lost over 200lbs, am pretty ripped now for a former fat guy. It took me about 3 1/2 years to lose it all. I started walking twice a day with keto - I was unemployed at the time so I had the time. I was a mess.

The biggest thing looking back at the whole journey - there were times when I felt pretty fuckin good with myself. Points where I had lost 130, or 150 lbs. I thought I was on my way and when I put clothes on I felt good as fuck....like I had made it.

Then I lost the extra 50lbs when I started hardcore lifting. I've been doing SS 5x5, Madcow, and 5/3/1 for awhile now. The last 50 is where its at....this is when you finally...actually...come into your own. The pictures of you at 250, will make you embarrassed.

Keep going at all costs to finish your goals it is so fucking worth it.

I've tried a million things for loose skin, the best thing that works is tucking your skin into your underwear waistband. The band cannot be too tight because it will make muffin top. Wear a pair of pants juuuuust too big at the waist, these two things will end up looking pretty good.

The worst thing I tried was shape underwear or mirdles....these fuckers would create MASSIVE muffin top like half way up your abdomen. Looks retarded as hell.

Take care of yourself! Everything...everything is better when you are in shape. Biggest boost you get is your internal sense of confidence, which also ends up being one of the hardest things too. Psychologically we are still pretty messed up and I'm not over the mental issues - you can check my post history.

Let me know if you have questions.

[–]frozenalaskent0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

You consider surgery for the skin? Seems like a good investment for yourself and a nice reward for your hard work.

[–]M1ster_MeeSeeks1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

80 lbs in 9 months. Everyone's got the weight side covered here, I'll add my 2 cents.

The more unorthodox your weight loss strategy, the more ridicule you will receive. After it works so well that you go from billy to chad, coworkers will treat you like the CEO. You can't buy that much respect. And its from the same people who ridiculed you earlier in your journey. Some even sought out my advice on losing weight themselves 3-4 months after their last joke that they cracked.

Women who knew you will drastically change their attitudes and behaviors towards you. Especially if they don't see you during the change phase - I'm talking after going back to visit friends post college, reunions, that type of thing. Women you don't know will treat you like they treat anyone else who looks like you on TRP. Women don't give a shit if you went through hardship to get to where you are. Don't bother telling them.

There are many ways to hack your body to lose weight. Since you're already focused on it very seriously, you might as well try to do it while adding a strong core of wellness principles. Read up on them. There is a big difference between dropping weight and being healthy. I've gone home with girls for just looking absurdly healthy, even if I hadn't dropped all that pesky weight yet. It gives you more of a buffer. And you'll feel better.

[–]Auphor_Phaksache1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

I don't want to leave this thread unanswered. I lost about 90lbs and still going thru ups and downs. Your game is most important and helps you a lot. Your appearance does as well. For me I didn't notice a big change when I dropped weight because I didn't know how to act around people. Once I figured that out and lost weight everything fell into place.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Went from 300ish to 182 4 years ago over 4 months, I've been filling out the skin with muscle since.

The weight loss is step 1 of fixing your life, you will still have the fuck all for self esteem for years and will identify any tiny flaw in your physique as an existential crisis. Women will be very receptive to your initial approach but until you fix your mental shit you're flawed goods and won't find much success, being fat for me was a major symptom of a greater depression and as such I pretty much didn't have a social life during my teen years up until a couple years ago so I have to go through all the learning stages one would normally have in their teens socially as a young adult.

I lost the weight then immediately came into a field where I was making way more money than a guy who's primary hobby was video games would know what to do with, so I became serially addicted to prostitutes.

Currently I'm 23 and traveling the world to try and grow as much as possible. I still think I'm fat so I'm going to do test E when I'm back at home to fill out my flab and because more muscle is always better.

Through travel I feel I've finally found my frame, having wavered numerous times between my old bitch of a self and a super pissed off version of me. I still haven't slept with a girl I haven't paid, but that's primarily my own insecurities all rushing to the surface once I get in an environment where sex is a possibility.

Ultimately it's a shitty situation, but it's our own fault for letting our life fall apart to this extent, you can't neglect your body and expect mind and body to be intact.

As for the loose skin? You'll look like a dude in a latex suit that's fifteen sizes too big. The only fix is to fill all that vacant space with muscle.

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