Anyone else naturally talentless?

January 6, 2021

Everyone I've come across has a talent. I'd say 8/10 of them have a talent that is relatively impressive and greater than anything I've ever done. And the other 2 make me feel worthless lol.

Now granted, I'm not a bum. Ive done some things I'm proud, but almost always someone has taken something further than i ever have. It's also that everything I've succeeded at I sucked at for YEARS. And without immense focus, its not really there.

Everyone has a story of how they were a kid trying something for the first time and how everyone commented on it and pushed them along to continue doing it. It came when they were kids and it came naturally. Hell im sure some adults find a talent later on in life. But with me, if my balance sucks on a skateboard, im not gonna go do gymnastics. Im not gonna go figure skate. If my hand eye coordination sucks mostly during basketball, im not gonna go box. Ive covered pretty much every skill that leads to all things that can be done and i suck at all of them. Man there's no lower feeling than trying to put a little more focus into something only to be worse.

Whats worse still is that every 1 in 100 instances, ill actually be very good. But god forbid someone notices, then its gone. Back to suck. And when people see that, it makes them weary of you for some reason as a person and they just stop interacting with me the same. Going from good to terrible is like throwing an awesome party and calling the cops on yourself.

Can anyone else relate? I just don't know what kinds life I can really have with this existence and how to accept that i cant have a single that comes naturally.

Thanks for any help

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