As I see it, women shit test men so that they can find out whether he is a loser or not. On the contrary, men judge women mostly by appearance and certain superficial characteristics of their personality. How would a man go on to find out whether a girl is LTR material?

I have at a point now where I am tired of ONS and plates, and I would like more experience in being in a LTR. I am in my early 20s. I value my time a lot and have many things I would like to achieve, and so a being in a LTR would be a big commitment from me, and so the girl would not only have to look good, but her personality and perceptions of things would have to be pretty flawless and developed.

Assuming I like her and she likes me, how would I find out whether she will be worth my time? I am concerned that either:

  • Over time, I find out that I don't like her personality, or vice-versa, and we would end up draining energy from each other while artificially maintaining the relationship for some reason
  • She ends up demanding too much of me (especially in terms of time/freedom)
  • I cannot trust her/lack of integrity.

Feel free to share your personal experiences with LTRs and particularly what made it feel like it was "worth it" or not worth it.