I'm not sure if I am. I'm 31. Throughout my 20s I was very popular and had lots of friends. Towards the ends of my 20s I got a management position in another country. It's a small team, but I like my job a lot and I like living here. I've been learning the local language well but nowhere near operational in conversation yet. I have no problem finding women, but I have basically zero friends. I work a lot, go to the gym, and on my off days I don't really know what to do with myself.

This is just part of getting older, I always knew I'd have fewer friends but now I literally have zero. At work I'm the boss, at the gym I just work out and don't speak the local language well enough. Classes aren't in English. But still I feel there's something more I should be doing. As it stands I get all my social interaction by gaming women or fake social interactions by listening to my favourite podcasts and posting on Reddit. I was raised in a small village far from my school by a single mother and I was an only child. I am very used to being by myself and have a very high tolerance before I feel lonely. Yet I feel it creeping in.

Edit: thanks for all the comments. I probably won't reply to many but it's good reading. This is a very positive and helpful sub, thanks everyone