was eating dinner with ltr of 11 months last night. i got a text on my phone from some chick’s number i was talking to when i was mad at ltr a while ago (dick move i know, but every girl does the same thing) and quickly swiped it away. i haven’t talked to this girl in a while but she said something like she hopes to see me or whatever. my ltr starts getting really mad saying she wants to see the message, and i say you can just wait until we go outside because i wanted us to enjoy our dinner. she kept saying she was gonna make a scene in there, but then when we went outside she was freaking out saying she cant trust me and we cant be together like this because we always argue over incidents where she doesn’t trust me. she kept saying today how my family is pissed at her too for making a scene and that she thinks the relationship is “dangerous” now because of how we argued. i honestly just wanted to wait until we ate but or course women cant process and rationalize like that cause of their feelings. i just got my stuff back from hers today. i feel bad cause i shouldn’t have talked to this girl before , but at the same time she always freaked out big time. what does this mean? do you guys think she is serious or no? i already have girls lined up so idc about that. im just a little upset because recently me and my ltr have been arguing a lot but our relationship was filled with fun and pretty good sex. i regret receiving that message in a way because my ltr was a nice girl