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As a late 20s virgin, how do I not completely fuck up the first time?

January 17, 2014

[Throwaway account] Got a date with a girl who is about 30-31 through Tinder. We've met once - the first time we made out for a bit before she had to head home. So this will be the 2nd date. Because we were both traveling for a while we've been texting for about 3-4 weeks and flirting hard (straight up sexting really). She seems receptive to fucking on our next date tomorrow though she's also said things like "sex after 7-8 dates" usual anti slut defense shit.

I don't know her past sexual history, she said she was with one guy before for several years. I have no long terms plans with this chick (obviously). What can I do to make sure that my first time isn't a complete disaster? This is in NYC if that matters.

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Title As a late 20s virgin, how do I not completely fuck up the first time?
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