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Assume rejection

August 6, 2017

For 99% of women I talk to (in an ambiguous non platonic context) I have realised I assume rejection immediately. I went out last night by myself. Loads of women were ripe for picking and within my SMV and not (m)any alphas around (which is not my usual experience. Usually a few women and many alpha dudes).

One pursued me and danced with me, I danced with some other briefly who didn't stop me touching her or anything and was waiting for me to take the lead and take her somewhere but I've already assumed all women are failed conquests for some reason.

Part of is not believing a woman can be physically attracted to me, so I need to spit some game that im impressed with to consider any attraction taking place. And then I tend to become obsessed with the women who are blatantly not interested in me, actively avoiding me because they can see me trying to pursue.

What the fuck do I do about this. I honestly only get turned on when a woman is laughing at my jokes. I can't imagine any other facet of my being that could attract a woman (I lift yeah but still early stages). This is a mental issue due to my low self esteem and I'd appreciate any ways I can work on it. Cheers

Edit: I also reject women who are above a 6+ automatically but I have no problem with this currently.

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