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Avoiding Office Politics

April 8, 2021

I wrote a post about this already but it got removed. I'll try to be less gay this time mods.

Every professional job i've had I always eventually encounter the contempt of someone somewhat senior to me. This soon leads to me getting fired after some form of smear campaign from this person. It happened at my last 2 jobs i've had in the last few years and I could sense something bubbling up at my current job.

My manager has really been going after me recently. He became my manager 4 months ago after working as my peer. He is a very insecure gay vegan manlet who can't lead a team in any way. I'm always polite but stern with him whenever he tries to blame me for something that has nothing to do with me.

I was literally planning on complaining about him this week to my senior manager (who has complained to me about him already) but before I could he got in there first and I received a disciplinary today full of false allegations.

I responded to the email and debunked every allegation of incorrect or late work but I would be dumb to assume that the end is not near after my previous experiences like this. I will actively be looking for a new role from tomorrow.

I am not sure what I am doing to attract this type of attention but I seem to attract it at every job. I am very laid back but rigid and this seems to make me seem like an easy but satisfying target.

I really can't figure out what type of attitude i'm supposed to have to avoid these types of attacks.

Would appreciate any advice.

Update: I have received a hollow response to my email debunking these claims. We will now have a meeting to discuss what can be done to resolve my ‘issues’ despite there not being any concrete evidence or examples of said issues.

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