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Being forward doesn't work?

October 10, 2016

Before TRP I was never really forward with women. When I met my oneitis last year I didn't push for the kiss and she basically had to give me obvious hints so I would. This helped by building huge tension up until that point I've since realised, and showed I was want less, needless, happy to just be talking and shit. This is how it always went with women.

Since TRP I have become very forward when talking to women, making it obvious why we are talking and that I'm into them but never overtly, there's always a level of deniability. I have had zero success really. (It's only been a year and my success rate before TRP was just as shit). The women perhaps get their validation from my intentions and get over it/move on.

I've been hanging with a new friend recently and he just cleans up with women. He's not particularly attractive (more than me though), doesn't lift, very BP, emotionally open, polite & unpolarising and never really shows his intention, because he never really has any. And the women just flock to him. They try to qualify to him and ask him about his interests. He tells them and goes into huge overwhelming detail. And then pulls and usually takes them home.

To me this is one perspective where not being forward helps. Does anyone relate to this? Since being forward it shows the women they control the outcome of interaction, but by not being forward you're left to the mercy of whether or not the woman is interested in you and what she'll do about it. By not being forward you'll miss chances but you won't appear thirsty. Maybe my attempts at being forward aren't 'suave' enough?

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