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Best way to let a girl down easy?

March 22, 2017

Lady I've been seeing - I'm her Chad right now. She can't get enough.

A few discussions and incidents over the last few weeks - she's got drama. She's trying to not let it usurp her life, but I can tell she can't keep it at bay. Has to do with emotional issues from losing a brother and a child in the past, and then other family drama centering on a sister that is a mess, other BS. It's all come out in the last few weeks.

I'm considering hitting the eject button. She's made a few attempts to line me up as the emotional support, and I'm just not in a place in life to do that.

Also, to me she's a plate, she wants it to be LTR. I can forsee drama in the future as this plays out and she doesn't get what she wants (she's not getting elevated to LTR).

So - what are ways to cool things off? Have her think it's her idea. I know about turning on beta traits - I guess I'm looking for ideas along those lines, that won't backfire and make her think "Oh my Chad is opening up emotionally and it's great!!"

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