Best way to recover from showing emotion?

November 18, 2017

I'm doing my best to embrace trp, however I'm finding some bp behaviors more difficult to kick. I had a situation last night where my LTR want into sex for one of the first times ever (together not quite 2 years), likely because she wasn't feeling good from a cold. More importantly, I didn't handle it well. I turned out the lights and went to bed. I acted passive aggressive like a bitch and didn't cuddle. She noticed I was bothered by something and asked what, so I said nothing. She eventually got the hint and rolled away.

Today she's continuing to ask me what's wrong. I'm away with friends and she's texting me insisting I should talk about what's wrong. I've either denied or ignored her questions so far. I'm not sure what the best path forward is. I don't want to DEER. Should I just keep dodging the question and denying anything is wrong?

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Title Best way to recover from showing emotion?
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