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Boring People - Worth Talking To?

January 19, 2016

My question is: is it worth talking to boring people in a situation with nothing to gain?

I've been at my friends birthday celebration. The party included him and his gf, our mutual male friend, another couple who are mutual friends, his parents and me.

All these people have grown up in the same town/area together and i know them all very well, have lived with them for a period of time but i'm originally from a different city. The parents are old school and obviously set a low ceiling on the type and range of conversations the party can have. The parents are also unable to communicate with me like they can to everyone else there simply due to the fact i am a different race; they think i am an alien. I'm an outsider to the situation as i'm only visiting for the weekend.

The topics of conversation at play were so dull, i wondered if i should be trying to engage or i should not worry about the fact i am unapologetically sitting on my phone in a different world entirely. I was being incredibly antisocial, but i had literally nothing to gain from even trying to enter these conversations. Old me would have worried and tried desperately to engage and likely failed but right now i could care less.

The topics of conversation were heavily regurgitated, dull, pretentious, vapid and based around local references that i am unable to relate to. The couples re-sharing their vegan diets to each other, that they already know about in great detail. Unfunny and lowbrow jokes. Regurgitation of stories they've told each other 50 times. Dull tales from childhood.

The single male friend was able to be pretty charming, but his personality for this evening was completely fabricated, and he was just making the best of a bad situation as he sees all these people regularly.

I on the other hand simply don't care as i never see these people any more and have moved on from this city.

I like having real conversations with people, but these topics were brought up just so they didn't all suffer in silence for 3 hours.

Stick me one on one with one of these people and we'll talk. But in this dynamic, it seemed pointless.

The question is should i be trying in every situation to engage, even when there is nothing to gain?

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