Throwaway account.

I broke up with my girl, we was not in an official relationship (but it basically was, just no one ever said it).

She literally (i mean literally) begged me not to leave her, I re-considered twice but each time I couldn’t keep going with her, I essentially “dumped” her 3 times in 1 day.

Reason for leaving is because she has depression, anxiety and started taking Xanax to help, but she’s become dependent (borderline addicted) and can’t stop due to withdrawal symptoms - I don’t want to deal with that no matter how much I like her (I still like her now).

After the breakup, she texted me a few hours later wanting to end things on good terms, I agreed to it.

Some background, she is sprung over me. She’s told me “im the one” multiple times & wanted to introduce me to her parents. (Maybe thats why she didnt want to end on bad terms? I know she still loves me). This is the most redpill I’ve ever been with a female tbh.

I am actively pursuing other females but wouldn’t mind if she fixed up and came back.

My question is, do females get back in contact with the guy who left her? How long do they usually take to contact again as I haven’t experienced this situation before.