Like most of us here, we’ve set our lives up to help us achieve what we want to accomplish in our lives. For me, that’s starting my day at 6:00am lifting, then working until 4:00pm, then handling whatever errands or maintenance that needs to be done. By the time I am done with my chores and everyday life, it only gives me a few hours to be social at a bar scene with friends, or do other self improvement activities.

I’ve done the following:

  • Join Facebook groups and clubs that play soccer and other sports, but I’ve found them to be extremely unreliable in terms of actually following through with events and meetups.

  • Go to social gatherings and meet new people, get numbers, and set dates.

  • Day game at places where I shop, but opportunity is low as I never go during peak times due to my schedule.

I feel as though lack of opportunity has put a massive damper on my ability to actually successfully move through the steps of attracting women. .

How does everyone else manage to widen their social circle while maintaining everything else in their lives?