I wanted to bring up something but didn't think it worthy of the main Red Pill sub, so here it is:

After swallowing the pill, studying the sidebar, joining a gym, starting a business, losing 20 pounds, studying another language, buying a better bed, moving to a better place in a better part of town, etc. ...

I have no interest in some my old friends anymore. A girl I was previously friends with (not sexually interested in) has been hassling me after I've been ignoring her. Her thirsty attempts to text and email me repeatedly are disgusting to me now. I am embarrassed about how badly I let my old friends treat me. I feel nothing toward them and find it disgusting and sick that they are now a) keeping tabs on me and b) talking shit about me. I credit all my success last year to self-improvement. Right when I lost 20 pounds, my "best friend's" girlfriend noticed and made a comment about it. Not soon later my "best friend" betrayed my trust. Being more RP than before, I cut off the friend and haven't even thought about.

I feel like my standards have gone up exponentially. I am treating myself better, saying NO to invitations/friendships that don't service me, and I'm generally 100X happier than I was two years ago. Looking back, I can see all the ways my shitty loser friends seriously brought me down, even intentionally!

But now that they no longer have that power - they are pissed as hell. From what I've heard, lots of shit talking and discussing my success, even years later! Has anyone else had this experience? I have read about the crab bucket mentality, but I feel like I've gotten out of the bucket and the other crabs just fucking hate me now.

Luckily thanks to the Red Pill I don't care.