girlfriend told me she was going to be hanging out with her ex boyfriend who cheated on her because they have been through a lot together, and she said she cares about him as a friend

It really fucked me up I gave nothing but love and attention to this girl and she's hanging out with her ex

I said "my girl won't be hanging out with her ex" and she said that he means a lot to her

I said goodbye, and then she cried for a bit and begged me to stay, I so badly wanted to come back, but we all know she's probably taking his cock

I guess what bothers me the most is that she's going to be doing all the same things that we said we were going to do with another man, and I'm quite the loser tbh, I don't know if I'm going to find a girl ever again

This was my first relationship and I was crying all morning the day after she broke up

I really just needed to vent a bit, thanks for reading

Did i make the right call guys? How do I get over knowing she's going to be with some other man soon, how do I move on this really hurts