Can't actually get laid

December 28, 2019

I am 22 and started my selfimprovement journey 2 years ago. During that time I increased my income 4x, went from 130lbs skinny fat to 160lbs with abs, expanded my social circle greatly, improved my social skills, etc.

I have read the sidebar multiple times and the books usually recommended (The Rational Male, NMMNG, The book of Pook, HTWFAIP, 48 laws of power, Models, Mistery method, The Game). I also have gone out at least 2 times a week for most of the last year and tried day game.

Still, could only get laid 2 times, and I feel both of them were because of luck.

I am definately average or below on the looks, so that does not help, Tinder and social media provide no results to me.

Any tips on what can I do other than lifting like my life depends on it and taking PEDs to compensate for my face?


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