Coping mechanisms.

October 6, 2019

Going through a divorce, of course its my responsibility.

Am at the end of our lease in an apt and am moving to a new apt with the kids 15 and 10 (with down syndrome), minus the wife, this week. She has decided to go on a "girls" week, which is really cover for her meeting her internet boyfriend. Of course the timing works out that she cant help with the move or to even put her stuff in storage. Yes i totally want to burn it all but thats not a path that will get me where i want to go.

I get copied on most of her messages so yeah this is 100%.

Ive been steeling myself for this moment but its still surreal. Im at work and just checked the messaging and know they are hooked up.

Ok, shes not mine, just was a 17 year lease with strings, i get it. Lift, stfu, maintain frame, yep.

I literally feel too high. Like if i did way too much crystal meth, (its been 27 years but yeah i remember.) Total adrenaline overload.

I dont know if i should laugh, cry, fight or fuck. And im at work right now just trying to get through the moment.

Just throw me some stupid shit to keep me occupied while i burn through this rush, willya?

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