Culture clash in LTR

April 30, 2017

Fellow RP friends, I'm looking for some advice.

Late 20s from an Eastern background and my LTR is North American (settler family, so as Western as it gets over here). I'm first generation, so integration was never an issue for me and I find my ability to adapt to the environment I'm in, be it "white" or otherwise, to be quite easy and fluid. The issue is actually with my parents (surprise surprise).

Long story short, my parents refuse to acknowledge the existence of my LTR for the most part. Simply put, they don't believe her family and ours to even be in the same class, and so a relationship between my parents and my LTR has proven difficult. Both of my parents have been having medical issues lately, and aside from the usual guilt tripping that comes from Eastern parents, they're attributing their downward spiral to me. They constantly tell me that I am making them sick and that I will regret it one day. They ARE getting sicker, and I truly believe my LTR to be a contributing factor due to the reality they've created in their minds, so I do feel guilty. They've told me numerous times to just end it or else they will get sicker and more stressed.

So friends, what is a goddamn man to do? I can't simply next my family. I've seen people recommend that around here, but family is important for me, so I'd rather a grounded solution or advice to not only spare my sanity, but to also add some harmony here. As for my LTR, she hasn't done anything to deserve this, it's simply a clash of cultures. She wants to have a relationship with them and has asked on multiple occasions if she can bring cards or gifts for well wishes during my parents' recovery, but or course that isn't happening.

Any help would be appreciated as I am (internally) at my wit's end

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