What the fuck can I do?

Ex is psycho far left liberal. I fought tooth and nail for a year (after she freely admitted to all that she was BPD and schizophrenic with no medication and hurt her children during blackouts) just to get 50% custody. This whole process is what red pilled me.

After I left, she came out bi, you know, because it's the trend, and started dating a bi guy, and a bi chick who has 2 kids of her own (guess everyone's hair color). This chick's kids, are the same age as my kids, and she moved them ALL into her (MY) house. I found out today, that she has been allowing the 8 year old boy to share the same bed as my 9 year old girl, and that he's been fooling around with her.

When I call her, she says, "Oh, I already know. Kids are curious at that age.". I was furious. She did not tell me about it, and she has allowed it to continue.

I called CAS (CPS for Canadians) AND LISTEN TO THIS: Cunt who answers the phone and hears my story, says the same fucking thing that ex did. When I expressed my anger, she told me, "It's natural for kids as young as 8 to be fooling around, and that we should only step in if one of them becomes uncomfortable". She then, incredulous to my anger, asked if I disagreed. I said, "Yeah, I have a big fucking problem with the sexualization of children, and the fact that you think it's ok for a little girl to be fucked around with". She then proceeded to tell me that I, fucking IIIIII, should seek counseling and google this stuff to re-educate myself on the topic.

This is wrong, I know it is, my family knows it is, YOU know it is. But the libtards have gained control. Cunt wants me to google this? I already know what "Drag Queen Story Time" is, and what it's for. How the fuck did this happen and what can I possibly do????

I was running around in the woods and trapping animals when I was 8 and I thought girls were boring because they didn't want to do what I did. I knew there was a difference, but I wasn't interested. Little girls are being taken to Pride Parades and seeing men in rainbow assless chaps and thongs, waving their dicks around and wondering "what is that thing?", and little boys are being exposed to women sucking each others tits down the street. There is a reason kids are curious earlier and earlier, and I'm damn sure it's because of this exposure. And I'll be damned if this wasn't the far left's plan to begin with.