TLDR: plate comes back but gets cold and distant after sex.

Recently, one of my plates told me that she has feelings for me. She saw that I posted another girl on my snap story, flaked on our date, then went ghost. I texted her hml when you get a minute let’s talk. She calls me back ab a week later saying that “I wanted to talk” so I told her to come over. When she gets to my place we fuck immediately. I fucked the shit out of her. But after sex I mention that her gf told to my friend that we’re dating and I asked for her input bc we’ve never talked ab it. She said “her gf always says weird things… we’re in a situationship… no labels”. I asked her how it made her feel she said “idk it’s weird”. After we talked she went silent, got on her phone and turned her back to me. The vibe seemed off and she seemed cold and distant. So we sit in silence for a few. Then I tell her I have to go somewhere so I walk her down and tell her lmk when you wanna get piped down again. She said “I will”. During the 6 months we’ve been fucking she only hmu 5 times, no calls, no texts. I’ve been doing 94% of the pursuing/initiating contact. When I reach out to her I set a date, we hang out, and have sex. She’s always been dtf.

Why did she go quiet, cold, and distant after sex? Did I fuck up? Is my plate broken? Should I give her 2-3 weeks off then see her again? Should I soft next?