This guy I know had this gf he met a few weeks ago. Theyve broken up 3 times since.

The first time they did I invited her out and sex was on the table from the start.

It didnt go well. She showed up like shit and drunk. I havent talked to her much since. We didnt fuck.

She texted me the other day "I miss him (her ex)"

Ignored it. Replied with "my days fine hows yours blah blah". Conversation lasted 2 seconds because I ignored when she pushed her issues.

She called me 20 minutes ago crying and asked me to talk to her ex because they fought apparently and he blocked her.

Now the thing that may have been shitty. I said "okay. Hold on" and then hung up, then set her messages to Ignore. She tried calling 3 more times after.

I'm wondering if this was kosher