Direct vs indirect in cold approaches

May 5, 2018

I've been getting some conflicting intel on cold approaches, more specifically, if one should be direct or indirect.

I've read somewhere that direct is always better, because it shows boldness and interest right from the bat, despite probably provoking more resistance and awkwardness at the beginning.

From the other hand, I've also seen guys here saying that in the end, if you do the rest right, it doesn't matter very much, and then being indirect is more smooth and avoids unnecessary friction in your interactions, easing the girl's shields

Who's right? Should I go head on or a little bit softer?

PS: be aware that in this context, direct means something like "hi, my name's X and I've found you pretty/interesting and wanted to talk to you"

And being indirect is more like using something from the environment or asking a question from where you can progress, like "do you know any good places to eat around here?" or "have you seen that guy in a horse down the street? So crazy"

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