Do I date single mothers if I am a single father? making concessions.

May 21, 2017

Single father here, looking for advice on how to deal with single mothers in the dating game.

I currently meet mostly single mothers in my line of work. ( I work at a nightclub and many of the women work here as they can't do a regular 9-5 as single moms) and as much as of a GIANT FUCKING RED FLAG both of these things are I still need to ask the question.

Being a single dad is a huge kick in the SMV balls. My single guy friends think that just because my 2 year old is cute that it means girls want to get involved with me.

They don't. They think kids are cute but that doesn't mean they want a part in taking care of someone's spawn.

However, when it comes to single mothers, this is a HUGE bonus (who would have thought). They see me like I'm some kind of Mother Theresa because I take care of my kid and mom walked out. I can plate single moms much easier and the sex is also much more consistent.

When it comes to single chicks with no kids, I can usually plate for a little while but they disappear as my availability is sporadic and I prioritize my daughter above anything else. Single moms want to stick around longer, spend quality time together, and even have playdates with their kids. I can't deny that I also feel like I can relate to them more given the situation we are both in.

I don't ever plan on co-habitating, and marraige is completely out of the question.

Please rip into this and poke holes in my logic. Thanks guys!

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Title Do I date single mothers if I am a single father? making concessions.
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