do I have oneitis

March 23, 2020

So back in my junior year of high school I had a pretty close friendship with some chick on the volleyball team who gave me my first real red-pill experience.

She would hug me and get physical with me in front of her boyfriend, get extremely submissive around me, would constantly find excuses to touch me, get upset when I wouldn’t text back, and loads of other IOI shit.

I didn’t find her sexually attractive but she was definitely not ugly. I ended up finding some other chick and eventually our friendship came to it’s natural end.

But even now , over a year later I still find myself craving that same attention again. I feel like a female saying I need attention but it just felt so good having someone all over me completely submissive to me and constantly trying to earn my approval even though I didn’t necessarily want to fuck her.

Has anyone else ever felt this way? I don’t know if I’m still just inexperienced and immature or emotional oneitis, who knows. I’m just hoping someone in this sub can maybe give me some advice.

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