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Do most men you encounter lack empathy?

March 3, 2021

Most men I encounter seem to lack a strong sense of empathy. For most of them it really stops them from making the most of their potential.

Any successful guy I encounter (in work/life) seems to be able to read a room/people very well and has a lot of emotional intelligence. He can get what he wants because he knows how to sell his idea/product efficiently and can think on his feet. He usually does that by thinking about how the recipient would react to his request so he can better optimise his approach.

Then most of the guys I seem to end up having as friends/acquaintances are very unempathetic. They always say/suggest self serving ideas that indicate they have only considered their own point of view. Their returns are usually low as a result.

I complain to a good friend of mine that we only seem to be able to attract low level guys as friends. These guys are ok to hang out with for a while but it’s usually their lack of empathy that causes my patience to run out. They fail to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship and are unable/uninterested in changing their ways.

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