It is a very common phenomenon...a married woman alphas up and has a kid out of wedlock and cucks the husband . The poor sap pays 13+ years of child support but probably suspects the cucking & leaves his kid behind and never looks back at the relationship with his "son".

Well, a website DNA test ruled out my "dad" by a 99.82% "he's not the father" (Maury Povich crowd applause). I confronted my mother and got the truth. So my mom, (and all your mom's too) will obey their genetics to alpha up to a genetic superior and procreate with a better male.

My beta dad: a kitchen manager at hotels, no real longevity or accomplishments nor real financial or social stability. My real alpha dad: a diplomat's son from Switzerland, settled in Chicago. Olympic Gymnast in the 1960's, spoke 5 languages, owned several restaurants in Chicago and Dallas, married a woman 25 years his junior and had 8 kids. Me: board certified emergency physician, speak 3 languages, I have several children, my boy and the pride of my life is close to me (and I gave him the Red Pill in his fuckin baby bottles) is 14, D1 Lacrosse player, MMA training, future marine according to him with a square jaw and speaks Italian and English. Other kids are with women that were married and did the same thing as my mother to their husbands. Which was fine with me until...well I found out I was one if those kids. The Red Pill is ubiquitous, and you can deny it's existence, but not it's effects and yes...AWALT even your mom.

Red Pill Question:

Thank God I take after my real dad and so does my son but my question here I tell my beta dad the truth? Is there a bro code or RP obligation to say "hey man you paid child support for 13 years and you got hosed"?